Chalking It Over

‘Chalking It Over’ bloomed out of Wrigleyville and soon grew to include customized chalk murals for private parties, events, and promotions.

After expanding to include small projects for weddings and special announcements, support from friends and family helped to launch ‘Chalking It Over’ into business.

Founder, Nina says that with each project, it has been so much fun celebrating what brings people joy.

“I love helping to commemorate special events and promote what makes people happy, whether it is a birthday party, a favorite band, or hot dogs and french fries.”

In addition to attracting business from people walking around the neighborhood, Chalking It Over boards have been used as “chalkvertising” to promote business on social media sites.

Customized signs are available for rental, purchase, or through chalkboard update packages.

Whether establishments are in need of flashy sidewalk signs, chalkboard menus, or event decor, it’s all worth chalking about.


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More Information

For more information, or to hire ‘Chalking It Over‘ for your business, contact Nina at

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